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About Infinite Energy Source

The Journey to awaken a better version of yourself starts here!

Your body’s ailments are from blocked and stagnant energy. Assist your body’s healing and transformation with a healing session at Infinite Energy Source.

A combination of reiki, energy healing, trans-scalar, breathing techniques and shamanic modalities are used to invigorate you and your entire being.

Infinite Energy Source is a Heart Centred Spiritual Healing Practice. We will discuss what self improvements you would like to achieve. We will immediately work towards achieving these improvements in your session and beyond.

New to energy healing or not, I assure you a session will leave an impression on you and your wellbeing.
Your healing journey is unique and personal to you and you alone. I will give you advice and tools that have been channeled to assist you, once we have completed your session.

Your journey to a better version of you is only an appointment away…

Liebe Wellness

Ken Breen


I was born in El Paso Texas, to a Mexican-American mother and an Australian father. I grew up between both countries, experiencing the different cultures and learning to think differently. I have loved to travel ever since and love experiencing new cultures. I have come to the understanding just how important diversity is.

I’ve a fondness for Eastern and Indigenous therapies which look at curing what ails you and not just masking the pain or problem.

As an energy healer, I have always been fascinated by the power of source energy. It is a force that flows through every living being, connecting us all to each other and everything around us. When we are in tune with this energy, we are empowered to live our lives to the fullest and achieve our highest potential.

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