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Ricky Andraos

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  • Sunday/Monday: CLOSED
Melbourne City Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy offer a solution-focussed, supportive and collaborative approach to your wellness strategy. We specialise in identifying and alleviating your triggers for psychological distress and promoting self-development.
By uncovering and understanding your sub-conscious beliefs, memories and programming, we work with you to facilitate comprehensive and transformational change from within.
Our session plans are tailored to facilitate a clear awareness of the initial sensitising events triggering your current presenting issue. We work with you to develop conscious access the underlying patterns interfering with your emotional, psychological and physical well-being.

Is Hypnotherapy for me?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool in supporting positive change in one’s life. Forms of hypnosis have been used widely across many disciplines for hundreds (if not thousands) of years, as it is a universal phenomenon deeply connected to the human condition. Essentially, it is a very deep state of relaxed and detached-awareness where access to the subconscious mind and its faculties are more readily achieved. In this state, direct and lucid communication can be established between the subconscious mind, conscious mind, emotional mind and the body mind. Considering that the subconscious mind stores and controls 95-98% of all human experience and behaviour, exploring this part of your deeper, inner-landscape effects lasting opportunities for change.
Investing in the hypnotherapeautic process coupled with counselling is an investment in oneself.

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