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Liebe Wellness
About Melbourne City Hypnotherapy & Counselling

At Liebe Wellness, we want to encourage everyone to learn more about mind health, and to experience the inner freedom of living through their most authentic self. Feeling trapped in a cycle of mental obstacles and blockages can be due to trauma, epigenetic inheritance, negative programming, learned behaviour, environmental and societal factors. Breaking through this cycle requires the right guidance. In collaboration with Melbourne City Hypnotherapy & Counselling, our community can begin their healing path from within.

Melbourne City Hypnotherapy & Counselling offer a solution-oriented, supportive and collaborative approach to your wellness strategy. We specialise in identifying and alleviating your triggers for psychological distress and promoting self-development.

By uncovering and understanding your subconscious beliefs, narratives, memories and programming, we work with you to facilitate comprehensive and transformational change from within.

Our session plans are tailored to facilitate a clear awareness of the initial sensitising events causing your current presenting issue. We work with you to develop conscious access to the underlying patterns interfering with your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool in supporting positive change in one’s life. Forms of hypnosis have been used widely across many disciplines for hundreds (if not thousands) of years, as it is a universal phenomenon deeply connected to the human condition.

In this very deep state of relaxed-awareness, access to the subconscious mind and its faculties are more readily achieved. In this state, direct and lucid communication can be established between the subconscious mind, conscious mind, emotional mind and the body mind, allowing opportunities to reprogram, reset, restore and re-balance the mind, body and spirit into harmonised synergistic functioning. Considering that the subconscious mind stores and controls 95-98% of all human experience, emotion and behaviour, exploring this part of your deeper mind-scape effects lasting opportunities for change.

Our process is adaptive to both clinical and psycho-spiritual client orientations.

Book in for a Complimentary 1 hour Breakthrough Session to find out more and how we can help you!

Services Offered
  • Sub-Conscious Mind-Mapping & Exploration
  • Hypnotherapy (Clinical)
  • Intuitive Narrative Hypnosis
  • Psycho-Spiritual Coaching & Peak Experience Integration 
  • Archetypal Mapping
  • Present Life Regression
  • Past Life Regression 
  • Inner-Parts Negotiation
  • Inner-Child Work/Reclamation 
  • Relationship/Emotional Attachment Retrieval & Cord Cutting 
  • Miscarriage Healing
  • Anxiety & Depression 
  • Trauma, Childhood Trauma & Repressed Memories
  • Lineal, Family & Epigenetic Trauma & Conditioning
  • Grief
  • Dissociation & Depersonalisation
  • Limiting Beliefs, Self-Sabotage & Self-Esteem
  • Addictions, Habits, Emotional & Binge Eating, Weight Loss
  • Performance Augmentation & Confidence
  • Life Direction, Purpose and Transpersonal Awareness
  • Inner-Journey Work, Non-ordinary Reality Bridging
  • Post-Peak Experience & Non-Local Experience Integration 
  • Mesmeric/Energetic Hypnosis  
  • Hypnotic Extraction & Clearing 
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Sygil Design and Wand Application 
  • Learn Self-Hypnosis 
  • Sub-Conscious Dream Interpretation 
Liebe Wellness

R. Balián Andraos

Balián is a qualified practitioner specialising in the sub-conscious exploration of mind and super-normal faculties of being. He also has a background in Behavioural Science, and very extensive experience traversing non-local states of mind using a multitude of modalities and techniques.

Balián utilises his experience and interest in  Shamanism, Animism, Archetypal Psychology, Metaphysics, Non-Ordinary Reality States, Entheogenic Journey Work, Psycho-Spirituality & Integrative Energy Medicine to guide his clients through the subconscious mind-field.

He works extensively with adults, and also at times children, to support their emotional, mental. physical and spiritual well-being. His focus is guided psycho-spiritually, although is continuously mindful to bridge shifts in the inner-mindscape into translatable conscious outputs that can be integrated into lived transformation.

Balián uses deeply intuitive techniques to understand and offer what lives at the core of presenting issues, and works with his clients to resolve the inner-entanglements that often create looping and stuck narratives, beliefs, programming and fears – whether they are learned, conditioned, imposed or inherited.

His process and offering are guided deeply by powerful intention towards inner-healing and liberation of the human sentient experience.

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