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Kinesiology is an amazing natural healing therapy.


Denise Noonan

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Kinesiology is an amazing natural healing therapy. Over the past 10 years I have been so lucky to have been able to help many people, using this wonderful energetic therapy.

Kinesiology uses the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM says when there is stress in your life, energy flow is blocked and that’s what causes illnesses and disease. We are made of energy, so it makes sense to treat with energy healing techniques.

Our true natural state is to be calm peaceful and content. When we feel like this we are in balance and our life flows easily. As we go through life, the challenges and stresses along with negative emotions and feelings, can take us out of this beautiful natural state.

Kinesiology takes the stress out of the body so we can function at our best. It helps to bring us back into balance, back to our true natural state. When we are in balance we attract more of what we want in life.

Also, you don’t have to be a ‘stress head’ or have huge traumas in your life to carry stress in your body. Many of us are walking around with some low-lying stress in our bodies from present or past negative experiences. This stress is blocking the flow of energy, which can be causing or contributing to an issue you may have today.

Kinesiology is great for stress with work, relationships, family, money, anxiety, pain, depression, tiredness, relationship problems, learning difficulties, digestive problems, goal setting, confidence building, general well being, sleep problems and many other conditions.

Kinesiology is also about making goals and clearing blocks to those goals. If you are not achieving what you want in your life, there will be some, block, some fear or negative belief that is blocking you. Kinesiology helps identify what they are then helps clear them so you CAN achieve your goals.

Kinesiology changes your energy. When you change your energy your reality changes too!

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