Services Offered

  • Clairvoyant Mediumship Readings
  • Energy Healings
  • Health & Wellness Coaching ** Coming November, 2018

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Consultation times are:

  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

9:30am – 6:00pm Daily

For bookings and enquiries please call:

0406 636 251

Readings are conducted with both clairvoyance {the gift of perceiving events into the future} and mediumship {seeing spirit} along with clairvoyance {hearing} and empathy {feeling pain or emotions of another person}. I work with my angels and guides along with a client’s angels, guides, past loved ones and at times totem animals*. My guides convey messages to me by showing me, {what I can best describe} as a mini movie or scene for future events to take place or have recently taken place, along with song lyrics, and of course clairaudience to answer any questions a client may have. I do ask that clients be open minded when it comes to relatives that have passed over, as some can be from generations that a client hasn’t actually met. They are still family and do appear in readings to connect.

Energy Healings are focused on removing any blockages within the aura and chakras. At times we absorb negativity from out surroundings and other peoples problems, causing us to feel drained and left with no energy for our own goals. When some or all chakras are blocked it creates a lack of flow in particular areas of our life as each chakra corresponds with a different emotion and life force. I also incorporate the use of crystals in my workings. Depending on individual needs more than one healing may be required. Intuitive Energy Healings can also be done by distance, so whether you are in another city, state or country energy flows and connects with intention. It is suggested that each yearly quarter a healing is beneficial to welcome the new season and goals.

As of November Health & Wellness Coaching will also be available. The primary goal of a Health Coach is to assist a client TRANSFORM their habits to change their  lives for the better. Whether its addressing weight loss, stress levels, achieving their career goals or personal, you will be supported with each step to not only discover why you are not getting the results you want but assistance with getting on the path to achieve them. Donna will be incorporating her intuitive abilities, creating tailored packages for each individual client.

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