Sandra Tausan

Price –

  • Initial Consultation + Treatment $300
  • Follow up Treatment $150

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0459 344 933 

Organic Eyebrow Microblading


A innovative cosmetic technique that creates natural long last results that looks visually amazing. Feathering imitate hair strokes enhancing your natural eyebrows so enlightens your face setting back the ageing clock by decades. Using delicate refined clinical instrument ultra fine lines are implemented into the skin using only the highest quality, organic Swiss Colour pigments for the procedure, made of raw organic (vegan) materials, free of any metals  or preservatives, ensuring for colour -stable, long lasting, natural looking eyebrows without risking the unrefined results consistent with outdated tattooing methods of the past that result in blurred, seeping, fake impressions and unrealistic colours.  Treat yourself into fuller and more defined look with the best quality pigments your face deserves !

Sandra Tausan

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